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Solar controller SOLAR GUARD TSF


This unit is applyed for controlling the elements of a solar thermal energy system (circulation pump and electrical heater on boiler).

Measures up to 2 (3 on specific request) temperatures and has 2 separate relay outputs for each element (pump/ heating wire and electrical heater on boiler). Fully programable with 6 main parameters.

Includes real time clock with battery backup (2xААА).

Incorporates powerfull relay for direct conection of electrical heater up to 3kW (4kW on special request).

Two modes of oppertion - applicabe for bought systems: with circulation and thermosiphonic type.

Controls the heater opperation by time and temperatures.

Easy selection of electrical heater modeAUTO”/ON./OFF./HOLLYDAY by separate buton.

Price: 120.00лв.
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General Characteristics

·  Modes: „Differential temperature” and „Thermo-Siphon” – user selectable

·   Measurment of up to 2/3 temperatures - 1 or 2 on boiler and 1 on solar panel.

·   Controls electrical heater on boiler and circulation pump/heating wire.

·   Functions: „defrost and overheat protections”, „Holliday”

·   Real time clock with battery backup.

·  Single „Fixed” time zone 22:30-05:30ч. for extra heating of boiler at lower electricity price rates.

·   LCD display with four buttons.

·   Indication for active pump, heater, alarm

·   Six main parameters.

·  Separate button for easy selection of electrical heater's mode AUTO./ON./OFF./HOLLIDAY.

·  Manual pump activation - by pressing push buttons combination.



1.      Differential temperature”  - monitors the temperature of solar panel and boiler, controls circulation pump and electrical heater of boiler opperation.;

·         The circulation pump is controlled by the temerature difference between boiler and solar panel.

·         Keeps boiler at minimal preset tº (TbMin) by electrical heater all the time

·        Heats up the boiler to a preset tº (TbGood) by electrical heater - at night.

·        The circulation is prohibited if panel is cooler then a preset tº (Tkmin)

·         Overheat protection of boiler  – cancels circulation at a preset (TbMax) temperature. 

·         Overheat protection of solar panel (as far as possible), prevents hydraulic system from high temperature fluid.  

·        Defros control on boiler  – activates electrical heater at tº <8ºC.

·         Defros control on panel by forced circulation at tºpannel < (TkDeice).

·         "Holliday mode” forces circulation for cooling of boiler when possible.

·         Seting of minimal pump opperation time (for systems with longer hydraulic system).

* Prevents hydraulic system from locking by activating of pump for 5 minutes at each 30 days of inactivation.

* Manual Pump activation - by pressing push buttons combination.


2.       „Thermosiphonic mode” monitores temperature in boiler and controls electrical heater opperation. Additionaly monitors the temperature of outside placed water pipe system for defrost protection by activation of heat wire (if places).

·         Controls the electrical heater opperation for keeping of a preset tº (Tbmin) all the time and additional heat up to preset  tº (TbGood) at fixed time zone - at night ( 22:30 - 05:30).

·         Defros control on boiler  – activates electrical heater at tº <8ºC.

·        Defros control on water pipes by activation of heating wire at  tº <8ºC.


 Main parameters are change protected by a password !


Technical Data                                                   

·   Mains power supply:  220V/50Hz. ≤ 1,5VА

·   Mechanical attachment DIN -35mm;

Overall dimentions 68x85x58 mm.

·  Temperature inputs: 2хLM335Z(10 mVK )/PTC1k; (or on request PT100, PT1000) Measurment range: -20ºC÷150ºC;  Visualisation range -15ºC÷115ºC (or other on request)

·   Relay outputs:       

       -  for pump and heating wire  N.O.contact -5A / 220V (up to 250W);    

       -  for electrical heater N.O. contact : 20А/220V (до 3kW);


Electrical wiring


The unit is offered in two types of sensor wiring - two or tree sensor inputs (selectable on request).

Electrical wiring. The Electrical wiring differs by system instalation - with or withought UPS (single or dual mains connection)

Pump is connected to tem. 18 (L). 15(N) and 13(Gnd).

The live (L) is connected to temr. 21.

Connection to boiler is made from term. 23.

 1. Single mains input - for systems withough UPS backup!. The unit incorporates 2xAAA battery holder for constant clock opperation.

  There is a need of bridge connection from term.21 to term.17 (La).  term. 16(N) and 14(GND) are connected to neutral and GND.

 2. Dual mains input - for systems with UPS backup!. The UPS outputs L,N,GND are connected to term. 17(La), 16(N) and 14(Gnd) resopectivly. The unit do not incorporates a battery holder.

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